Remember Tiger Wood’s ex-wife? Here is Elin Nordegren’s new Iife today

Elin and Tiger divorced more than a decade ago, and much has changed since then. Despite their different romantic journeys, they have managed to co-parent peacefully.

For the sake of her children, Elin chose a peaceful truce, letting go of the past. She even gets along well with Woods’ current girlfriend, Erica Herman, and is happy they are together.

In an October 2016 interview with Stephen Colbert, Woods said, “We have Sam and we have Charlie. And we love them so much that we are going to do whatever it takes to make that work. We communicate so much better now, it’s incredible. I wish we would have done that earlier on, but it’s been incredible to have a best friend like that.”

Tiger, perhaps you should have tried couples therapy instead of pursuing other women while you were still married! After so many affairs and betrayals, we wonder what his ex-wife would think of him calling her his best friend.

Nordegren has not publicly spoken about the cheating scandal, but in 2014, she referred to their divorce as “the wild storm of my personal life” and even managed to maintain a sense of humor, joking, “It was right after I had taken Communications and the Media that I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight… and I probably should have taken more notes in that class.”

We love a queen who can demonstrate strength and humor!

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