They noticed him digging huge holes and filling soil sacks in the backyard.

Alex Dodman, hailing from Essex, UK, embarked on an ambitious project in the summer of 2020: constructing a swimming pool in his backyard.

With a new property in need of attention and skill, Alex and his partner, Sarah, took on the challenge.

To cut costs, Alex sourced the majority of the materials for the project through Facebook, saving thousands of dollars compared to hiring professional contractors.

Taking charge of every aspect, Alex handled material transportation, rented equipment like diggers, and excavated the site himself.

He also tackled tiling and plumbing tasks, significantly reducing the total renovation cost to approximately $10,000—a fraction of the standard expenses.

Through dedication and hard work, Alex achieved his goal of providing his family with their own private oasis.

Now, Alex’s latest endeavor is his most ambitious yet. After moving in with his fiancée Sarah, who works as a human resources manager, and their two children, Allie and Eddie, he’s taken on the monumental task of completely renovating their family home.

Having previously demonstrated his DIY prowess by saving £75,000 through building his own home theater and gym, Alex is now focused on something even bigger: creating a haven for his family.

The idea of building a swimming pool had long captivated Alex’s imagination. When he noticed a neglected area in his garden, he seized the opportunity to embark on this amateur building venture.

Taking it upon himself to conduct thorough research, Alex ensured he had the knowledge and tools necessary for the project’s success.

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