The tragedy of losing young lives is truly heartbreaking. This family endured unimaginable sorrow when a small oversight resulted in devastating consequences. Read on to discover more about this tragic incident.

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, twin toddlers, a boy and a girl aged 18 months old, tragically drowned in the pool at their family home in Oklahoma City. The incident occurred after their great-grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, inadvertently left a door open.

Jenny Callazzo, a stay-at-home mother and boutique owner, made the devastating discovery when she found both Locklyn and Loreli unconscious at the bottom of the pool. Despite efforts to revive them, the toddlers were pronounced dead two hours later.

The family, which includes Callazzo’s grandmother, six children, and her 42-year-old husband Sonny, resides in a $565,000 home where the heartbreaking incident took place.

Preliminary investigations suggest no foul play was involved in the tragic deaths, with authorities attributing the accident to the open door and the toddlers’ curious exploration.

Local media captured aerial images of the family home, revealing a pool covered in green algae, believed to be the site of the drowning. Just days before the tragedy, Callazzo shared a photo of her children playing outside, unaware of the impending catastrophe.

Neighbors recall witnessing the distraught mother being rushed to an EMS vehicle as emergency responders attempted to save her children’s lives.

In response to the family’s overwhelming financial burden, a GoFundMe campaign has been established to assist with medical and funeral expenses. The heartfelt plea emphasizes the premature loss of the beloved twins and appeals for support from the community.

Laura Gamino, an injury prevention coordinator, underscores the dangers of water for young children, urging parents to remain vigilant and implement safety measures such as high fences and secure gates around pools.

As the family grapples with their profound loss, our thoughts and prayers are with them during this unimaginably difficult time. Let us join together in offering support and solace to those affected by this heartbreaking tragedy.

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